Business Climate

(Click here for a tool that can provide business climate data for 20 mile radius of an Indiana community. Data provided for industry sectors, establishment size and industry sub-sectors.)

The State of Indiana and Henry County provide an outstanding business climate. Consider the following key considerations that make Indiana a great place for business:

  • AAA credit rating without enacting or considering a general tax increase
  • Property taxes capped and cut by one-third
  • Ten-year infrastructure improvement plan that does not rely on gas or diesel taxes
  • State tax exemption for patents developing new business technology or processes
  • R&D sales tax credit on research and development equipment
  • Personal property tax exemption on information technology equipment

Henry County has a track record of keeping their financial house in order and accommodating the needs of business by using development incentives to support new jobs and investment.

Click here for 2011 Indiana Business Outlook Report – A report about how Hoosier companies feel about business in the coming year.

Click here to access manufacturing and logistics report for 50 states. This interactive website was developed by Conexus Indiana as a dashboard to understand Indiana’s competencies and areas that need improvement. Indiana scored well in manufacturing, logistics and tax climate.

Indiana Business Taxes

Click here for information on Indiana’s Business Taxes.

Henry County Taxes

Click here for Henry County’s 2010 tax rates.

Organized Labor Information

East Central Indiana has seen a considerable reduction in the number of workers represented by organized labor. The chart below is a graphic example of the decline in union coverage in Anderson, IN, which is adjacent to Henry County.  This trend seems to common to other counties in East Central Indiana. Additional information and data sources regarding organized labor are provided below.

Union Coverage by Year- Anderson.jpg

Union Membership and Coverage Database

The Union Membership and Coverage Database, available at, is an Internet data resource providing private and public sector labor union membership, coverage, and density estimates compiled from the Current Population Survey (CPS), a monthly household survey, using BLS methods. Economy-wide estimates are provided beginning in 1973; estimates by state, detailed industry, and detailed occupation begin in 1983; and estimates by metropolitan area begin in 1986. The Database, constructed by Barry Hirsch (Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Georgia State University) and David Macpherson (Department of Economics, Trinity University), is updated annually.

Union Affiliation by State

Union Affiliation by Occupation/Industry

Union affiliation of employed wage and salary workers by occupation and industry

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