REMC to build new headquarters

Posted: Friday, May 29, 2015

Courier-Times Staff Report


The move will be made to cost effectively meet the company’s mission of providing safe and reliable electrical service to its members, REMC Executive Director Shannon Thom said.

The office and grounds at 201 N. 6th St., New Castle, has served the company for 70 years are in need of repairs. Repairs and technology and energy efficiency updates are cost prohibitive, Thom said.

“Over the last decade, we’ve done the best with what we have,” Thom said. “Our current space is inadequate to meet the future needs of our membership in a cost effective manner.”

The board examined several options to solve the challenges the current facility faces, including:

  • Larger utility poles require larger utility trucks, which do not fit through existing garage doors.
  • Benefits of heating, cooling, and lighting upgrades to the 70-year-old building do not outweigh the cost.
  • Safety and security limitations exist with the current floor plan
  • REMC strives to service its own headquarters, which is not the case currently
  • Additional employees are needed to reduce outsourcing
  • Headquarters are currently located in a residential setting

“Our insufficient working space handicaps us on a daily basis,” Thom said. “The decision to build a new headquarters is an important step toward planning for the long-term financial health of the electric cooperative. We have to prepare for the next 50 years.”

The board has not yet selected a site for the new facility, and Thom said plans for the current location are undecided.