Workforce dynamics is the most intuitive indication of regional economies.Persons will drive considerable distances for highly valued employment opportunities.Henry County is well positioned to attract labor from a number of metro areas including Muncie, Richmond, Anderson, and Indianapolis.

Click here for Indiana Commuting Data.

Click here for Indiana Zoom Prospector, site and building database of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. After selecting a site or building in the database, the user can export a report for labor force by distance radius or by drive time. (Data driven by ESRI components.)

Click below to see samples of reports with New Castle-Henry County Industrial Park as origin.

10 mile radius report
20 mile radius report
30 mile radius report
10-20-30 mile radius map
10 minute drive time report
20 minute drive time report
30 minute drive time report
10-20-30 minute drive time map
45 minute drive time report

Indiana Department of Workforce Development prepares regular regional workforce reports. Click below for recent Indiana Region 6 Labor Market Review:

January 2012 Report
February 2012 Report
March 2012 Report
April 2012 Report

Annual Commuting Trends Profile – Henry County, Indiana

Commting Data, 2010.pngTop 5 Counties Sending Workers into Henry Co.aspx.jpg

Source: Indiana Dept. of Revenue, 2010

Top 5 Countines Receiving Workers From Henry Co..jpg

Source: Indiana Dept. of Revenue, 2010


Ivy Tech
Purdue University TAP
New Castle Area Careers Program

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